Wednesday, September 30, 2009


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Strategic Brief

This is a final project for web design 2 from The One Academy. This project is require to redesign the existing company website and make it better and looks good. My title is Nando’s, which is a store sell chicken with special sauces that is Peri-Peri. I think this is a long term project but we are using our short term to cover this. It is quite rush yet I enable to manage my time to finish on time. Although might not the best, but I tried my best to achieve what I want. This website’s target audience is person who like FOOD and discover the food a lot.

Nando’s competitor are the fast food and Kenny Roger which is also selling chicken. Based on my research, I found out the food website mostly using red and brown color. And I did research a little bit about the color that why are they using this is just to show the food of color and it looks delicious.

The peri-peri is spicy and yet Nando’s provides customer to choose the level of spicy. The Nando's restaurants have been blazing a fiery trail across the globe and Barcelos Cockerel crowing from London, Kuala Lumpur, Toronto, Dubai, Cape Town, Sydney and wherever people value good, nutritional food fast.

Nando’s, provide good food fast. What is good food fast? They said, good food also can done in “short” time. Eating natural also Nando’s benefits. Their chicken is using grill method.


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