Saturday, April 25, 2009

I draw this using photoshop^^  Havent done...~~



Thursday, April 2, 2009

How will you talk with a people who you need his/her help?

Patient? Soft? Good attitude? Talk slow and not order? .....
But IF people talk with you in rude when SHE/he need your help, will you help?
And the person is always treat you like that. Example 1, when the people don't want to drive to a PLACE which is to do GROUP PROJECT, and you stay in in the place where is far from school and that place will near by your house, will you GO THERE AND FETCH the people and the people's FRIEND WHO NOT in the group and need to do the same project? And then finish and EVEN WAIT for the people's friend to DONE the project. Let's say your group project done at 4pm and need to wait the people's friend until 8pm++. Will you wait?
This is not terrible. After this over, the people write you in the people's blog that "IF YOUR DRIVING SKILL IS NOT GOOD, PLEASE....." . If you do this all kind of thing and your feedback is only this and don't even a thank you. Will you help her the second time? A thank you very hard to say?

NOW this is the example about the conversation when you need some one to help you.
~SWeeNeY~ Love my beloved dear Kev...^@^     說:
hey sin chr
can u gv me the argent number
i hear from ting that my cgpp file got problem
so can i have the number and the location
u there
answer me fast

So funny, this is your assignment, Sweeney! NON OF MY BUSINESS!!! And no need to ask your mum to call me then your boy friend "kev" to call me and say "Do you scare beat by people?".