Sunday, March 8, 2009

Part F and G

Part F : Color Matrix

Part G: Pattern development

Friday, March 6, 2009

Mood Study...

I feel the music is quite happy and combined with "chinese" music I think. The chinese part I choose gold and high light pink to present. Besides, the blue and green part is to show the happiness in the music. Blue is to represent the freedom of wave on the sea and the green is to show the wild happiness. The golden part can be a "sun" on a beach also. The brush stoke I used is quite hard and some part is quite smooth. For example, the sun I draw until it is smooth as we can see in the picture. The sea which I used a more hard and "rude" stoke to show the happiness is strong and "jumping" excited feel.

This picture I feel the music is about war and combined with a sad music. The red part and repeated dot is to show the war is in a red bloody situation and the dot is to show the crowded place. The other part I only paint but didn't add any detail is because I want to show the silence after war and sadness in the music. I used blue, grey and some pink pink to bring out the sad feeling after war. In the middle there I use all color that I paint in this painting and become a sad dark color to separate the war place and after war's feeling.

This song got a lot of the"ring ring" part so, when I think about ring, I will draw circle but I make it as a spring and curly a bit like hair. The ring ring part also make me feel a bit chinese style. Therefore, I added some gold color to overlay the whole painting. I added some purple color in the painting to show some mysterious part in the music. I also added some wave to show the melody of the music.