Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Isometric Pixel Art

Isometric pixel art is a modern form of digital art. Each separate isometric pixel art image is always going too made up of single computer generated blocks and it is known as pixels. Each pixel is the same size as any other pixel, but it can be any colour you can think of and it can fit together with other pixels, any way you can think of. You can think of a pixel-based image as you can a mosaic in real life that is made up of tiles to form an overall picture.

The first pixel art was published by Adele Goldberg and Robert Flegal of Xerox Palo Alto Research Center in year 1982.

History Of Pixel Art
As I mention that the first pixel art was publish at 1982 but if talk to the concept, we need to go back about 10 years before that. For an example, Richard Shoup's Super Paint system in 1972.

Where It Can Be Used/ Found
Normally pixel art can be found in older computer and video console games. But since mobile phones and other portable devices still having low resolution and then require a skillful use space and memory, so that you also can found it on your mobile phone. Icons for operating systems with limited graphics abilities are also pixel art. On the Microsoft Windows desktop icons are rester image of various sizes so it also made up by pixel art.

Example Of Pixel Art
Below are the example of pixel art...



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