Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Boom skyCamelDirtTreeGreen birdSpecial weatherOceanMountain Kelana beach
Blur flowerSunset Happy dog

Stupid hamsterColdCow eat grass

BeeDucky duckLangkawiScary cat

Couple duck


  1. Nicole. said...
    Thats pretty koolaid.!!! XDD
    CrazyBunnyLady said...
    Pretty. I love the study of color.
    dapsz said...
    great photos.. great places ;] mmm beautiful nature.. i love it..
    Brent Festige said...
    I've never felt so violated. Except for the one time my cat snuck under the covers and removed a layer of skin from my hamstring. And by violated I mean get out of my head.
    Summer.smiles said...
    Love the colour pallet. It's so nature. Kinda of like the opposite of you but you are these colour when you are calm I guess^^ Absolutely adore the blue shades and ocean or whatsoever that is blue. I might actually use this pallete as a referance sometime? Hahaha... Great job girl! =)

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